How to obtain login?

Visit lab and ask the person who sits just behind the door (standalone computer with two monitors). Prepare your student card and request the account. Read first the rules. If you violate the rules, your account can be banned.

What you can do with the account?

Using computers in labs

You can use the account on all computers in both labs K10 and K11 (limited access, only for regular teaching) for Windows and Linux workstations. You can also use the account for remote ssh login on server Artax. If you want to do some computations, you can use Engywook, Auryn or Lomikel Linux workstations.


Together with the account you can use e-mail address in the form

You can read the mail through web interface or remotely on Artaxovi through mutt or pine mail client.

Disk space

You can use disk space on server Artax. Disk space is not limited with quotas, but you should not exceed 2 GB. You can use more disk space if the data are connected with teaching. If you are logged on Windows workstation, your home directory is mapped as disk H:. Do not use Documents and Desktop for storing the files, because we do not use roaming profiles now.

Web pages

If you want to have your personal web pages, you can store files in your home directory in directory called WWW (on disk H in Windows), you have to create it. You also have to set appropriate rights on it (chmod 701 WWW) and right for reading your home directory (chmod o+x ~). If you set everything correctly, you can web pages on

Directory WWW must contain file index.html to view the pages withnout specifying concrete web page.


If you do not have printers installed, ask the lab service for help.

Laser printer

  • HP LaserJet P3015
  • resolution: 1200dpi
  • Postscript: YES
  • Duplex printing: YES
  • Price for page: 1 Kč

Color laser printer

  • HP Color LaserJet 2025n
  • resolution: 1200dpi
  • Postscript: YES
  • Duplex printing: NO
  • Price for page (b/w): 1,50 Kč
  • Price for page (color - 5% coverage): 2 Kč
    • Price for page (color - A5 coverage): 10 Kč
    • Price for page (color - A4 coverage): 20 Kč

How to print

In application choose Tisk (Print) and go the the printer and retrieve printed documents. Then visit lab service and pay for printed pages.


  • Epson Perfection V500 Office
  • resolution: 6400dpi
  • computer: k5–33

There are many applications you can use - Irfanview, Gimp, Zoner Photo Editor, Nástroj Fax a skener). There is a brief manual close to the scanner.

Own devices

You can use only flash discs, external hard drives or headphones. You can use notebooks, but it’s prohibited to connect them to wired network, you have to use Eduroam (alternative link).

English on computers

Computers in the lab (central part) have Windows 10 installed. On these computers is possible to switch settings to English (complete translation). For the first time you have change settings to English. You should do it using this steps:

Login using your credentials. Then click START → Nastavení → Čas a jazyk → Oblast a jazyk → English → Nastavit jako výchozí. Then logout using WIN L and login again. You should see English everywhere. In case of problems, service will help you.

Problems, questions?

Operating systems on computers are in czech language, so ask the lab service if you do not understand something or you have any other questions. He or she should speak English happy smiley after you tell him or her you want English.