The Linux Joystick Driver

The Input Drivers - Next generation

I'm currently working on next generation drivers for the joysticks. And, as promised a long time ago, it isn't just joystick this time.

Version 1.2.15 is probably the last version of the joystick driver. There will be bugfixes only from now on.

The input drivers already support all the joysticks and gamepads the 1.2.15 joystick driver does. And much more, namely they no longer have problems with the SB Live! gameport, support InterAct HammerHead/FX and ProPad8, Genius Flight2000 F-23, Saitek Cyborgs ... They should have less bugs and be more reliable, although still in development. They're for 2.4 kernels only.

Read more about these new drivers at:

Joystick driver

Version 1.2.15

The latest version is 1.2.15, which is included in the 2.3 and 2.2 kernels. It supports a wide range of devices. Support for 2.0 kernels is no longer available. If someone would like to do a backport to 2.0, go ahead and contact me. Currently supported devices are (in hopefully alphabetical order):

You can get the driver at:

Mailing list

Yes, there is a mailing list for the Linux joystick support. It's hosted on and is run by ListProc. To subscribe to it, send a mail with any subject, containing the line

subscribe linux-joystick Your Name


On this list all your questions about joysticks and joystick support in Linux will get answered.

Future plans

Of course, I plan to support more different joysticks, so if you have any information about these, or if you have the sticks themselves, please contact me.

The digitally-communicating gameport joysticks needing support are namely:

However, there are not only joysticks that connect to the joystick port of the PC, there are also serial joystick devices that still need drivers:

Last, but not least, I'd like to support in the future:


Linux software

Following is a list of programs that support the old 0.x interface to the joystick driver:

And, a (hopefully growing) list of programs that support the new (1.x) one:

Hardware documentation

Information on hardware programming the joysticks can be found at:


Here is a list of joystick (or other related device) manufacturers. Some seem not to have web pages. Updates to this table are welcome.

And that's all folks!

Send any questions, comments, bug reports to: Vojtech Pavlik <>

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