Be welcomed! My name is Vojta Tůma and I am currently pursuing PhD in CS/Math at KAM a former promising mathematician, currently a corporate slave in the making. Since I changed the goal of my pursuit only recently, this web page is not up-to-date yet.

Regarding my professional interest, as a reseacher and teacher I deal mainly with discrete mathematics, algorithms and other branches of applied mathematics. As a hobby I pursue other branches of mathematics (both abstract and concrete); and I posses some programming skills (developed in self-defense).

As for free-time stuff, I am obsessed with running (bare-foot), metal (black), reading (books) and yoga (Moravian style).

Recently Long time ago, I became obsessed with bodily self-torment, which I happen used to log daily. If you want to lose excessive fat (be it in the form of man boobs, flat tire or mule ass), become healthy (in a sense) and fullfill your ancient heritage of a warrior-hunter, get inspired!