Aim UnitCasted95%100 tol, 3 crystals, 1 active portalone useconnection to unit
AnarchyCOMBAT 80%100 tol 1 round confused men
Animate CorpseCasted60%100 tol, all corpsesPermanent1 undead
Arrow ShieldCombat95%1 tol1 round 
Aura Of ProtectionAutoCasted  noneProtection from Lightning, Cold and Fire
Bear StrengthCombat80%10 toluntil end of battle 
BlazeCasted90%50 tolInstant 
BrainstormingCombat90%10 tol1 roundmind attack
Burning HandsCombat80%10 toluntil end of battle 
Call LightningCombat85%33 tol1 roundlightning attack
Carry OverCasted90%20 tol12 days.Carry over effect worth 200 units
Cause FearCombat95%30 tol1 roundfear effect
Chain LightningCombat90%200 tol1 roundlightning attack
Chill TouchCombat90%20 toluntil end of battle 
Cold CloudCombat90%10 tol1 roundCold Cloud
ConfusionCombat90%5 tol1 roundconfused men
Counter SpellAUTOCAST 10%none instant counter effect of oposite mage's spell
Create Amulet Of Protection ColdCasted90%50 tol, 1 iron, 1 furPermanentAmulet of Protection Cold
Create Amulet Of Protection FireCasted90%50 tol, 1 iron, 1 furPermanentAmulet of Protection Fire
Create Amulet Of Protection LightningCasted90%50 tol, 1 iron, 1 furPermanentAmulet of Protection Lightning
Create Amulet Of Protection MindCasted90%50 tol, 1 iron, 1 furPermanentAmulet of Protection Mind
Create Cloak Of ShadowCasted90%250 tol, 2 furs, 1 mithrilPermanentCloak of Shadow
Create Clowns HatCasted90%20 tol, 1 furPermanent5 Clowns Hats
Create Conjuring StickCasted90%20 tol, 1 woodPermanent1 Conjuring stick
Create Crystal BallCasted75%500 tol, 5 stonePermanentCrystal Ball
Create ExplosivesCasted90%30 tol, unit of ironPermanentExplosives
Create Glasses Of WisdomCasted90%500 tol, 1 iron, 2 crystalsPermanentGlasses of Wisdom
Create Gloves Of StrengthCasted90%50 tol, 1 iron, 1 furPermanentgloves of strength
Create GrenadeCasted90%50 tol, 5 ironPermanent5 Grenades
Create Helm Of MightCasted90%200 tol, 3 ironPermanenthelm of might
Create Helm Of ObservationCasted90%50 tol, 1 ironPermanentHelm of Observation
Create Magic GateCasted30%1000 tol, 100 stone, 10 crystals, 1 active portalPermanent1 Magic_Gate
Create Magic ToolsCasted90%20 tol, 2 iron, 1 woodPermanentMagic Tools
Create Pick Of MiningCasted90%20 tol, 1 ironPermanentPick of Mining
Create PortalCasted90%100 tol, 20 stonePermanentPortal
Create Potions Of CuringCasted90%100 tol, 10 herbsPermanent10 potions of curing
Create Potions Of HealingCasted80%200 tol, 10 herbsPermanent10 potions of healing
Create Shield Of Arcane PowerCasted90%500 tol, 4 iron, 2 wood, 1 furPermanentshield of arcane power
Create Wand Of FearCasted90%100 tol, 1 woodPermanentWand of Fear
Create Wand Of FireCasted90%50 tol, 1 woodPermanentWand of Fire
CuringAutoCasted50% instantup to 10 cured men
Detect FactionAutoCasted  noneFaction numbers
Detect HiddenAutoCasted  noneHidden units
Detect MagesAutoCasted  noneMage status
Discover WealthAutoCasted  noneAmount of tolars in possesion
DisguiseAutoCasted  nonedisguised mage
DismayCasted90%100 tolinstantdismayed unit
DisorderCombat90%10 tolinstantconfused men
Dispel MagicCombat90%50 tolpermanentdispelled item
Distant TeachingCasted80%5 tolInstantTeaching of unit far away
Dragon StrengthCombat95%100 toluntil end of battle 
EarthquakeCasted90%500 tolInstant 
Enchant ArmorCasted95%100 tol, 1 ArmorPermanent1 Magic Armor
Enchant BowCasted95%50 tol, 1 Longbow/CrossbowPermanent1 Magic Bow
Enchant PortalCasted90%200 tol, 1 PortalPermanent1 Active Portal
Enchant ShipCasted90%2000 tol, 200 iron, 100 woodPermanentEnchanted Ship
Enchant WagonCasted95%50 tol, 1 Wagon/CartPermanent1 Magic Wagon/Cart
Enchant WeaponCasted95%50 tol, 1 Sword/AxePermanent1 Magic Sword/Axe
EscapeCOMBAT 90%10 tol Instant escape from battle
Far SightCasted90%30 tolInstantRegion description
Fast MotionsCasted80%100 tol16 days Fast motions effect
FearCasted80%50 tol12 daysfear effect 12 days
Feathery LoadCasted90%20 tol12 days.Carry over effect
FireballCombat95%50 tol, 1 wood1 roundfire attack
FireblastCombat90%10 tol1 roundfire attack
FireboltCombat80%10 tol1 roundfire attack
FireflashCombat90%10 tol1 rounddazzling effect
FirewallCombat90%10 tol2 roundsfirewall
FireworksCasted95%1 tolInstantsome entertainment
Fire RainCOMBAT 80%100 tol 1 round Fire Cloud
FloodCasted90%200 tolInstant 
FreakCasted95%1 tol1 daysome entertainment
Frost TouchCombat90%10 tol1 roundcold attack
Funny TroopCasted90%40 tol16 daysfunny effect
Gauzy FigureCasted90%30 tol20 daysGauzy Figure Effect
Giant StrengthCombat90%30 toluntil end of battle 
Gold All OverCASTED 90%10 tol, unit of material (not living) Instant unit of gold
HealAutoCasted70% instantup to 25 cured men
HurricaneCasted90%200 tolInstant 
HyperspaceCasted85%100 tolInstant 
Ice FistCombat95%5 tol1 roundcold attack
IgnitionCombat90%50 tolinstant 
ImmolationCombat95%100 toluntil end of battleimmolated effect
Inflame WeaponCasted95%20 tol, 1 Sword/AxePermanent1 Flaming Sword/Axe
InquiryCasted90%200 tol, 1 crystalInstantComplete info about one unit
InvulnerabilityCOMBAT 95%10 tol one round none
Iron To MithrilCasted95%10 tol, unit of ironInstantunit of mithril
JumpCasted75%100 tolInstant 
LevitationCasted90%20 tol20 dayslevitation effect
Lightning BoltCombat80%10 tol1 roundlightning attack
Lion HeartAutoCasted50% instantremoved fear effect
Locate ItemCasted50%100 tol, 1 active portalInstantunit number
Locate MaterialCasted80%20 tolInstantCoordinates of nearest region with detected material.
Locate ResourcesCasted80%50 tolInstantCoordinates of nearest region with detected resources
Locate UnitCasted80%20 tolInstantCoordinates of the unit
Magic ArmorCombat90%10 toluntil end of battle 
Magic ShieldCombat90%33 toluntil end of battle 
Mind StormCombat95%100 tol, 1 crystal1 roundmind attack
MiracleCasted95%50 tolInstantsome entertainment
Mirror Of DeathCOMBAT 95%100 tol one round none
Ogre StrengthCombat85%20 toluntil end of battle 
Open Astral DoorCasted90%100 tol, 5 crystals, 1 active portalone use1 Astral Door
Power LeakCOMBAT 80%100 tol instant power leak effect for oposite mage
Power SinkCombat80%50 tolinstantmage not casting
Protection From ColdAutoCasted  noneProtection from Cold
Protection From FireAutoCasted  noneProtection from Fire
Protection From LightningAutoCasted  noneProtection from Lightning
Protection From MindAutoCasted  noneProtection from Mind
Prove ConnectionCasted100%50 tol, 1 crystals, 1 active portalInstantprove
QuicknessCombat90%1 tol1 round10 attacks per round.
QuintessenceCASTED 90%10 tol, unit of metarial (not living) Instant unit of material (not living)
Raise StormCasted90%50 tol36 daysstorm in region
Read TacticianAutoCasted  none 
RefreshmentAutoCasted90%10 tol per unitinstantrefreshed unit
ReincarnationAutoCasted80% instant 
RelocateCasted90%20 tolInstant 
RunCasted90%20 tol per each men in unit16 daysSpeedwalk effect
Shield Of Protection ColdCombat95%50 tolone roundProtection from Cold
Shield Of Protection FireCombat95%50 tolone roundProtection from Fire
Shield Of Protection MindCombat95%50 tolone roundProtection from Mind
SnowfallCombat90%10 toluntil end of battleSnowfall
SpeedwalkCasted90%20 tol8 daysSpeedwalk effect
SphereCombat95%10 tolone round 
Stone To IronCasted95%5 tol, unit of stoneInstantunit of iron
Subdue Tree MenCasted90%100 tol, 1 crystalPermanent5 tree men
Subdue Water ElementalCasted90%100 tol, 1 crystalPermanent1-5 water elementals
Summon Earth Elemental=09=09CASTED90%=09100 tol=09Permanent=091-4 water elemental
Summon Golden GolemCasted90%2000 tol, 30 goldPermanent3 golden golems
Summon Iron GolemCasted90%400 tol, 20 ironPermanent5 iron golems
Summon Silver GolemCasted80%1000 tol, 30 silverPermanent3 silver golems
Summon Stone GolemCasted90%100 tol, 10 stonePermanent5 stone golems
Summon TornadoCasted90%200 tolPermanent2-3 tornados
Summon Tree MenCasted90%100 tolPermanent5 tree men
Summon Water ElementalCasted90%100 tolPermanent1-5 water elementals
TelekinesisCASTED 90%100 tol 12 days.  
TerrorCombat95%20 tol, 1 silver1 roundmind attack
ThunderballCombat90%50 tol, 1 gold1 roundlightning attack
Time WrapCasted90%100 tol40 days Time wrap effect.
Titan StrengthCombat95%50 toluntil end of battle 
Transfer ItemCasted95%100 tol, 1 active portalInstanttransfered item
True SightCasted80%50 tol16 daysTrue sight effect
Turn Into ShadowCasted90%30 tol40 daysShadow Effect
View Of SurroundingCasted90%100 tolInstantRegion description
VisionsCasted80%30 tolInstantRandom region description.
Wall Of FireCasted90%1000 tol, 20 wood, 10 gemPermanentFlaming Building
Wind ControlCASTED 90%10 tol 1 day twice speed
Wind RidingCASTED 90%100 tol 12 days fly effect
WonderCasted95%20 tolInstantsome entertainment
Wood To StoneCasted90%5 tol, unit of woodInstantunit of stone

Type: - Combat, - Casted, - AutoCasted

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