Area GIMP plug-in

2001, Miroslav Spousta, <>

1. Overview

Area is a GIMP plug-in and it was created in order to easily count area of objects on geographic maps.

The procedure is simple:

2. Download and Instalation

Area plug-in is available for Linux only. You can download Area for GIMP 1.0, 1.2 or 2.2+ (patch provided by Hannes Rotzinger).

Instalation is quite simple:

$ tar -xzvf area-gimp-2.2.tar.gz
$ gimptool --install area.c

3. Example Usage

We will count the area of the yellow filled part of the image:

Katastralni mapa

After loading an image, you can select Area item in the Image menu. Enter DPI and map scale in the dialog and see the result.

Screenshot s pluginem Area

In case of a very large image, it is more efficient to select the area where the object lies. In this case only pixels in this selected area are counted.