Timetable project

Goal of this project is to create system for searching in bus/train timetables. You should be able to say hledac 'Praha hl.n.' 1.5.2000 10:00 'Brno hl.n.' and get best possible connection from Prague main station to Brno main station. [Currently, it gives you connection, which arrivest the soonest to each town -- not exactly the best one.]

For this purpose you need database of all relevant trains. Getting the database is not exactly trivial: of course you could copy it from paper timeables by hand, but databasse would likely be obsolete at time you finished copying (my estimate is that manual copying of CDrail database would take 550 hours).


Hledac is program which searches best connection. It takes database in .tt format on input, and creates auxiliary hledac.memory image for speeding up further searches. (Be sure to delete hledac.memory each time you change hledac.c.)

.tt database is in ASCII form with fields delimined by tabelator.