Video 1.10

What is Video?

Video is program that can create (and edit in registered version) video sequences from text-mode 25-line DOS applications. This is done by program which becames resident after executing and starts saving compressed screens into specified file. (Note that you must give *full* pathname to Every 4/18 of sec are changes between new and old screen written into specified file. You should better switch your disk cache into write-back mode (for HyperDisk press Ctrl-Alt-S). Than do whatever you want to be recorded. There's currently no way to stop recordnig, so you'll have to uninstall it by 3-rd party program, or end it via Ctrl-Alt-Del.

After recording, you can play back sequences by running PlayVid.exe with pathname for previously recorded file. Then you can control video playback by keys displayed on bottom of your screen.

Unfurtunately, compression done by is not very good (I could not implement any sophiscated compression techniques into 1K .COM file). It's possible to compress video sequences to 10% of their pre-compression size by ARJ or any other similar utility.

VGA+, 286+ required. (28 line mode is used for playback.)


This program is SHAREWARE and you are licensed to use it for 21-days registration period, if not used in business. Registration is done by sending 5 USD to me. After registering, you'll get most recent version, shareware versions of my other programs, and maybe something more.

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