Current projects

This sections should contain pointers to projects I'm currenly working on. These are unfinished projects, as soon as they are finished, they'll hopefully move below. This list probably will not be really complete, but basics are there...

Completed projects

This lists projects that got to somehow final state - they are usable, feel free to use them, send me bug reports, patches etc.

Patches to linux kernel

I found out, that I produce quite a lot of kernel patches (and not much of them get into official kernel :-( - because they mostly support broken (i.e. mine) machine). I forgot what most diffs are against. If nothing is written there, try it against 2.1.3X. I'll try to keep that info around here...

Miscelaus other patches

Hmm, I found that I occasionally patch even something else than linux kernel... In order for such patches not to get lost (like it happened to asterix patch into shadow), I'll store them here.

Pavel Machek