I no longer care about this software. Do not send me registration fee, you can use it without it. I will give you sources under GPL if you ask nicely. Links on this page probably do not work. I still have the old code somewhere...

Here are all versions, tarred (even registered ones, hopefully), plus some sources. Assume GPL on sources.

Info about programs from PmK software

Download instructions: Connect to troja.fjfi.cvut.cz by ftp, log-in as anonymous, go to /usr/students/machek, switch to binary, and get desired file. Or just click here , if you are reading this through WWW. More info about me can be get on http://atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~machek - on my home page.

Programs for DOS
* Fast Utility
* 35sec floppy accelerator
* Anti-stealth virus scan
* Htm2txt converter
* Fast Find package
* Video recorder/player
* Norton Guides database about 386 registers
* Telnet Deamon eXtension
* GDT walk
* Unix2dos convertor
* RezTest utility
* FastBoot program
* HgcTool package for dual monitor systems

Programs for Windows
* AnswerIt stupid question answerer
* swMouse utility that removes need of double-clicks
* Memory view
* WinExec utility for running Windows apps from dos command line
* WinRun utility for running DOS apps from Program Manager

Programs for DOS

Fast Utility V2.20

Created in cooperation with Jirka Hajek

FastUtility: package of programs, which can do most actions faster than ordinary DOS programs. This package contains FastDEL/FastUnDEL programs, which works some 10 times faster and are even safer. Other programs include FastCOPY, FastMove, FastFIND, and few other utilities, which are not Fast, but are also useful - Device (loading device drivers from command line), KeyPress, KbdBuff, and more.

35sec floppy accelerator V1.30

35sec floppy accelerator: read/write floppy disks completely on background and at maximum speed possible. (It takes 35 seconds to read 1.44MB floppy.) Works like ultimate cache program, which unfortunately requires complete user control. Can speed up installation from ARJ archives up-to 3 times... 35sec130.zip

Anti-STEALTH V2.10

This program allows you to search for stealth viruses. (Stealth viruses are viruses, that try to hide themselves. Most modern & successfull viruses are stealth. If stealth virus attacks file, and expands it by 500 bytes, after dir you will not see that change - virus is hidden. This is dangerous because most antivirus programs are not able to find them.) asteal21.zip

Htm2txt V1.00

This program is able to convert texts from .htm to .txt form. If you are viewing at this document in its .txt form, then it was created by Htm2txt. htm2txt.zip

FastFind package V1.00

This program is built on FastFind (from FastUtility), but with many, many features added. This advanced version is able to do replace in files, works as really advanced FOR command for batch files and more...

Video V1.10

Video is program that can create, play (and edit in registered version) video sequences from text-mode 25-line DOS applications. Can be used for presentations of DOS programs, creating demos...

386.ng V1.00

Norton Guides database containing data about 386+ control registers (Flags, CR0, descriptors).

TELNET Deamon eXtension V1.01

Telnet Deamon eXtension allows you to simulate press of special key combinations by prefix key and alphanumeric characters. It was originaly designed for use with Telnet Deamon.

GDTwalk V1.00

GDTwalk writes contens of GDT and IDT tables onto screen.

Unix2dos V1.00

Translates file from unix form (LF) to DOS form (CR/LF).

RezTest V1.00

RezTest is usable tool to find out if your resident program changes some registers it should not change.

FastBoot V1.00

FastBoot is program, that allows you to reboot your computer really fast by skipping bios's routines. However, it does not work on many computers. It's not resident, so you have to write a command to reboot. Registered version is even faster (skipping that intro on begining).

HgcTool V1.00

This package allows users of two monitors to display usefull informations (such as time&date) and debug strings from their programs to be displayed on secondary monitor.

Programs for Windows

AnswerIt V1.00

Windows ask you many questions, to which you always give same answer. (My favourite one is 'This will end your Windows session' warning. Of course I want to end Windows session! Just why does Program Manager think I just double-clicked its top-left corner?). Well, this program can help in this way. If it detects some 'stupid question' is on the screen, it just answers it (unless you are holding shift key). I believe this will make your Windows a little less ugly (or more friendly?).

swMouse V1.10

swMouse allows you to use less double clicks under Windows by allowing you to use right-button click instead of double click in many cases.

Memory view V1.11

Memory View allows you to view size of free memory under Windows 3.1. Usefull when writing Windows applications, but also if you want to know how many applications can you run without clicking Program Manager| About all the time.

WinExec V1.00

WinExec is resident program, which allows you to execute Windows applications from DOS command line or from any other application program (like Norton Commander). It needs FManServ to be put into StartUp group of Program Manager. (FManServ is part of WinExec package.)

WinRun V1.00

Exits Windows, runs specified application and then restarts Windows. Usefull for programs like SpeedDisk.
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