HTM2TXT can convert files from .html format into plain ascii .txt file. It's great for writing texts - you can create only one form (.html) of text (this documentation is example) by some html editor (so you have perfect possibly hypertext document with graphics, misc . fonts...) and you can still convert it into standart .txt form (and put it as docs with your program, and -in limits of text mode- it's quite good, isn't it?).

Command line

Use HTM2TXT without parameters to get some help. Use single parameter to view specified .htm file. Use two parameters to convert .htm to .txt (.htm is first file, .txt is second file.

Few more instructions

You need some html editor to create .htm files. (Actually, it's possible to write .htm document in any text file editor, if you know html format really good.) Examples are Hot Dog, Web Pen ( ), and many, many others... Then you'll simply run HTM2TXT name.HTM name.TXT and enjoy results.

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