Forum daemon

(linux implementation)

Forum daemon (forumd in following text) is program implementing forum protocol. You need to run it on each machine, which wants to use forum, as it tells user that someone wants to talk with them, and user's clients connect to it (instead of connecting to remote side directly).

This implementation uses single process for all users and even for all conferences. No authentication of remote side is done (as it would require DNS lookup, and it is hard to perform non-blocking DNS lookup under good, old unix).


You need to be root to properly install forumd. You need to:

...or you can do installation in some much different way if you feel you can do it better...


None. Bare protocol is implemented.


Many. (At least I'm honest :-)


Forumd requires root privileges (as it used port 642 which lies in area reserved for root), but gives them up really soon (after performing initialization and allocating port for listen) by setuid(nobody), which should be safe. There should be no way to use forumd to compromise root. As forumd is pretty big program (and as we know every program contains at least one bug), it is possible that first versions will allow remote user to gain nobody's privileges. I hope we'll be able to fix such bugs soon.

Where to get it

Currently nowhere, if you are asking for complete distribution. Copy of directory where I'm working on forum is readable by world.

Pavel Machek