FastFind V2.30

package version 1.0

FastFind is program, which is able to search for files, search strings in files, replace strings in files, execute commands on files (Can be used as very powerfull FOR command in batch files). On local drives, it uses fast access (it tests, if it is possible, use /F- to force using dos) which bypasses some parts of DOS and makes search even faster (about 2 times).

Text search can be case insensitive (/I+). However, case insensitive search is alittle bit slower and text replace is always case sensitive. Replace requires to be enough space for backup file (extension of ~ and last 2 chars of extension).

FastFind uses technique of parameters written directly into .EXE file. That is done for maximum speed and good flexibility. FastFind uses special 'disk' *: which means all disks you specify by /Dx commands (specify all hard drives) - so when you save /DCDEF into .EXE file, every time you specify *:*.txt it will search C:,D:,E:,F: for .txt files. Run SParams.exe to insert/change parameters within ffind.exe.

Few usefull batches
Command line
  For command line help, start programm with /? as parameter.

FFIND [*:]path\[!]file [[!]file [...]] ["text" ["r.text"]] [[command]] [options]

  You can use things like #13#10"Sample"#13#10 to insert unprintable
characters into search/replace string. This example will search single line
(not first, not last) containing only "Sample" in DOS text file.

  FastFIND uses advanced wildcard matching:

  * can be in middle of name indicating any number of characters
    (*A*.* than means all files with 'A' in name)

  more than one wildcard can be  present on command line meaning "it  matches,
if it matches first wildcard OR second wildcard OR third..."

  ! can be present before wildcard meaning "exclude such files"
      (works as AND NOT)

  /Ax[+|-] switch can be used to select files by attribute
    x can be:
      D .. Directory
      A .. Archive
      R .. Read - only
      S .. System
      H .. Hidden

  /Ax  .. don't care about attribute x
  /Ax+ .. attribute x must be set
  /Ax- .. attribute x must not be set
  /S}x .. file must be bigger (or equal) than x bytes
  /S{x .. file must be smaller (or equal) than x bytes

  default  is  /AD-,  these  switches  are  ignored,  if name does not contain

 Use following in [command]

 %1-drive %2-path %3-name %4-extension %5-full path %6-directory
 %DISK, %EXT, %PATH, %OPATH (path, no drive), %NAME, %FULLPATH, %HASH
 (%HASH inserts "#" into command line, don't type # into command string)

  /?  help                           /I+ ignore case
  /S- do not search subdirectories   /C+ complete file info
  /C- only file names                /E+ only files NOT containing "text"
  /B+ beep on end of every search    /B- do not beep on end of long search
  /Ynnn /Nnnn answer Yes/No on error nnn automaticaly
  /K- do not check keyboard (default Ctrl=pause, Ctrl+Alt=break)
  /F- use DOS for disk reads         /T+ end after first matching file
  /Dlist_of_drives  search on specified drives when used *:

FFIND *:*.com *.exe !a*.* "Window" /DACDG [type %5]
  Searches on disks A:,C:,D:,G: for files .com and .exe, that don't start with A
  and that contains text "Window". Types every matching file.

This is shareware, please register after 30 days or stop using it. Registration is done by sending $10 (nebo 50Kc pro lidi z Ceske republiky) to me (address is below), you'll get other programs from me, registered version, and any support you'll need. My e-mail address is, use it when you 1) have some problems 2) want to say "thanks" 3) want to send me money 4) have some suggestions. You can get more info about me & my programs on . What more do you need?

	Pavel Machek
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