What is FastBoot?

FastBoot is program, that allows you to reboot your computer really fast by skipping bios's routines. It's not resident, so you have to write a command to reboot. Registered version is even faster (skipping that intro on begining).

You should know that FastBoot may or may not work on your computer. It worked on my old 386sx/25, stopped working when I upgraded to Deep Green 486dx2/80, and started working again when I changed to UMC 486dx2/80. So chances are probably 1:1.

What is shareware?

If you are using shareware version, you have to register after 21 day testing period - you will allow me to improve this program and write more better programs. Registering means sending me $10 (or 50Kc if you are from Czech republic). You'll get registered version after that. (Without that annoying logo).

Can I crack it?

Please don't try to do so. If you will, make sure to have backup copy of your CMOS-RAM and don't give cracked version to anybody else.

What files are neccessary?

Only neccessary files are FBOOT.BIN, FBOOT.DOC, FILE_ID.DIZ and FBOOT.EXE. If installation fails for any reason, please delete all other files and reinstall it (by executing FBOOT.exe).

How to contact me?
  My adress is:
       Pavel Machek
       Volkova 1131
198 00 Praha 9 - Cerny Most
  My telephone is: +42-2-866 233
  My E-mail adress is