Windows ask you many questions, to which you always give same answer. (My favourite one is 'This will end your Windows session' warning. Of course I want to end Windows session! Just why does Program Manager think I just double-clicked its top-left corner?). Well, this program can help in this way. If it detects some 'stupid question' is on the screen, it just answers it (unless you are holding shift key). I believe this will make your Windows a little less ugly (or more friendly?).

PmK software presents:

AnswerItPmK software

Stupid question answerer

AnswerIt is script-driven utility, which automaticaly presses buttons in selected types of dialogs. It is controlled by AnswerIt.ini file, documentation is available inside that file. Syntax, which is used in .ini is terrible, but macros defined there make it much easier to write. If you will not understand my description (which is quite probable), please look at examples - they can make it clear.

After you change AnswerIt.ini (for example by selecting dialog, be sure to reload changes (by closing box - pressing Done, or by pressing Reload button).

When you create some nice .ini you'll find usefull, please let me know. Other users might be interested too (at least I'll be interested).


After 21 days evalution period, you must register. Registration means, that you will send me $7 and I will send you registered copy of AnserIt. (Just put money into envelope so they are not visible from outside and send it to my snail-mail adress. Send me note if you are able to. Or do you have some better idea how to deliver me money?)

Note for people from Czech republic: Vzhledem k tomu, ze od nikoho z vas neocekavam, ze mi poslete deset dolaru, bude bohate stacit, kdyz mi poslete sto korun, nejlepe slozenkou na nize uvedenou adresu.


Any comments are welcome, even from non-registered users. Every code has some bugs. Please report me, if you find one.

  My adress is:
          Pavel Machek
          Volkova 1131
  198 00  Praha 9 - Cerny Most
          Czech republic

  Phone:  +42-2-866 233