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I just hope retina scan is not going to be used as authentication method in future, otherwise I have just put my root password on the webpage...

Pavel Machek

(I'm currently on/off line indicator.)

Sorry for all mistakes. English is my second language.

Me: My name is Pavel Machek (as you could read on start of this document) and this looks like my home page. So this probably is my home page. (Or not? Maybe some bad guy snaked onto my account, and created this home page for me?) Something about me? I was born on 18-May-1977, then I learned to walk, talk and write programs in assembly. I used to write programs for M$-DOG and Windoze, but I do not do that anymore, as there is something much better. I'm currently studying math and informatics on Charles University, Prague. My hobbies? Well, computers (as you probably already noticed), being outdoors, square dancing, horses... It does not matter much what you are doing, it's much more important with who are you doing it.

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My computer: One of my computers is called Elf. I'm running Linux on it, with my own patches all of the time (you can't run windows on hercules, can you?). Thanx to Linux, it is usable. I used to have IBM thinkpad notebook, with many undocumented features, called hobit. Then, toshiba came and gave me another notebook. Last toy I got is, well, simply a toy. It is philips velo 1, 400gram machine smaller than 15cmx7cmx3cm. And yes, I'm running linux on it, also. Toshiba includes winmodem. That's why I helped with ltmodem package; but I have to warn you: you can't do data connections with it (that means it is usable as answering machine, but not much more). No internet, yet, and not in near future; someone would have to write v.34 stack. There's some solution, however (closed source); it is called ltmodem.o, and I have nothing to do with it. Do not ask me about it. For more info look at I'm connecting to the net with USB elsa.

My programs: I wrote some - mostly shareware - programs for systems DOS & Windows. I no longer care about those programs, and if you want sources under GPL, you can have them.... If I can find them. I was writing mostly system utilities - as I do not like to write user interface. I have done quite a bit things under Linux (some of them were part of configuration of my system and are interesting mostly for Czech users, some of them are much more useful... well, I consider hacking the kernel part of system configuration :-) and I'm working on some more. If you have nothing to do (or need project for school, etc.) look at my to do list, and I'm pretty sure that you'll find something that fits you. Currently I'm doing mostly kernel development and computer lingvistcs.

Pavel Machek