Omnia mea mecum porto.
Bias z Priene

Hello, my name is Pavel Paták and I am studying PhD. programme Algebra, number theory and Mathematical logic at Charles University in Prague. I like skiing, fantasy books, playing the piano and hiking. I also run orienteering. I study German in my free-time.

Plan for the nearest future

Matrix and Bedna.


To achive C2 niveau in German and C1 in English. To finish PhD.

Non pudor est nil scire, pudor nil discere velle.
Latin proverb

Only who asks questions and searches new problems can get a credit from me.

Year 2012/2013

Year 2011/2012

Year 2010/2011

Libri muti magistri sunt.
Latin proverb

Some people do write lot of papers during their lives. I only hope that someone will make use of that paper in the future.


Scientia est potentia
Latin proverb

Paper and pencil is all that a mathematician needs to be happy. But if he wants to play, there is a plenty of cool toys.

Useful software

Number of usel mathematical software in one pack (integral calculation, symbolic manipulation, 2D and 3D drawing, graphs of complex functions). All utilized with a version of the Python language.
For writing mathematical texts and articles.
The best LaTeX editor.
Ruler-and-compass constructions, can use macros and save vector/PNG images.
Archimedes GEO 3D
3D drawing tool, make use of recursive macros possible.
Symbolic manipulation, equations solving, integral computations, etc.
User interface for Maxima
Numerical calculations.
Really all-purpose text editor, which is very tough to get control off. But it allows you to do magic afterwards.
System for type-setting mathematics, it has no predefined macros like LaTeX, so you have to write your own, but in return, you get a better control of your text.

Imago animi sermo est.
Latin proverb

Well there are many languages and many ways to learn them. Here are some links which I use to improve my language skills.


Habent parvae commoda magna morae.

The best way to contact me is to write an e-mail. But you can also send me a postcard from a land far far away.

Home address

Pavel Paták
Zlatá Stezka 360
341 92 Kašperské Hory
Czech Republic
Phone: (+420) 728 799 168
E-mail: ppatak@seznam.cz