PostScript - what is it?

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The PostScript print file format is a programming language with powerful graphics primitives for describing printed pages. A growing number of devices which print POSTSCRIPT page descriptions are available.

If your printer can't print PostScript, you probably will use Ghostscript. Ghostscript converts PS to many other formats of devices. It can be run at many platforms including UNIX, M$ Windows, OS/2, M$ DOS, Macintosh etc.

PostScript Documentation

The complete PostScript language is described in the book POSTSCRIPT Language Reference Manual by Adobe Systems Incorporated, published by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, ISBN 0-201-10174-2, 322 pages, illustrated.
This book is also known as the "red book". There are books of other "colors" also. The blue book (cookbook) is the most important for begginners.

Docs about PostScript which I have found at WWW:

Using PostScript with TeX:

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