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Postscript Errors Definitions

setpagedevice request cannot be satisfied
Usually the app is trying to set too large a page for the printer

To find the maximum page size your printer can handle:
1. Select an application that allows setting of a custom page size. ( I.E. Trapwise, PressWise )
2. Open a generic document in the application
3. Select the print dialog
4. Select the PPD for the imagesetter 5. Select Custom as the paper size
6. Input large numbers into the width and depth settings
Note. Many imagesetters only allow a depth of around 27 inches even though it uses a continious roll of film
7. Keep reducing the numbers until a page will print and the adjust your numbers for each dimension seperately until the page size causes an error

no more room in the dictionary The application has tried to add more definitions to the dictionary than originally allocated. This will only happen on a Level 1 printer.

This is caused by an application not checking if the correct dictionary is selected before creating a new postscript definition. It will only be seen if the postscript document is processed by more than one application. ( I.E. A postscript file is opened and printed by a seperations or imposition program )

Too many 'begin' dictionary statements The application tried to make an dictionary active that was not defined.

dictstackunderflow Too many 'end' dictionary statements The application tried to close a dictionary that was never opened.

The execution procedure nesting has too many routines called by a defined procedure

This procedure is called by the postscript program to report error information. You should not see this for any non beta software.
interrupt request ( control - C )
This is a request to interrupt the exicution of the current postscript program. This can show up when you cancel the printing of a postscript job or if someone canceled the job at the imagesetter.

An attempt to violate an access attribute was made by the program. This can be seen if the password protection was set at the printer to an non default password. It will also be seen if the postscript tries to change protected attributes of a printer without using the correct procedures

inproper use of context operation

The postscript codeword exit is not in a looping procedure

An incorrect access string for using a file was used.
Some files on an imagesetters disk are set to read only. If the postscript code tries to overwrite the file with new information, it will cause this error.

The postscript code used an invalid font name or the font dictionary is not a valid font definition

invalid identifer for external object

A restore call is invalid. This usually occurs if the matching save state has been erased by the postscript code before the restore statement has a chance to be processed.

An input or output error occured

An implementation limit was exceeded. This can be seen for various reasons.
1. A path is too complex for the imagesetter to process. The offending command is usually eoclip, eofill, or fill.
2. The postscript code is using too many save states. A maximum of 15 save states are allowed. The imagesetter uses 2 to 3, Each application that is used to process the postscript will use 2 to 3, and some applications will use up to 10 save states.
You can reduce the number of save states by using a minimum of imbedding ( placing a document inside a larger postscript document ) and by not using a large number of font changes in a single document.

The current point is not defined. This is the point where the next drawing operation is supposed to start. This error is usually only seen when the postscript code has become corrupted.

operand value is out of bounds

operand stack overflow

operand stack underflow

postscript language syntax ( misspelled code word ) error

time limit exceeded

operand value is the wrong type ( Eg. boolean expected but value is Real )

name not known
called file is not found
called resource cannot be found
over or underflow or a meaningless result occured
expected mark is not on the stack
internal error
No more Virtual memory is available

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