My (current) projects



Another school project. Implement linux based phone interface using Pixil library. Here is project page.
Okay I've kind of stuck on widget library, but I'm close to finish it (not so close, I believe that in year or so there will be great widget library and some apps to start with.

Status: |===-------| 30%


In the great old times there was a mouse and this mouse was connected to the computer and tux was just happy with no knowledge about it. In this time there came the great Gpm to talk with the mighty mouse and everybody on the console was happy. But meanwhile changes has come to be true and tux learned to talk to all kinds of mice, tablets, and all kinds of creatures in the input land. Now there is time for Gpm to give its kingdom to new ancesstor the great Gpim.

Okay end of the legend, here comes facts: Gpim uses adwantage of the linux input layer in kernel and draws mouse cursor do copy and paste on console and is binary compatible with /dev/gpmctl protocol. Okay that good but there comes more, gpim has correct implementation of absolute pointers like touchscreen and some quite advanced input filters (to emulate, exchange mouse buttons, generate mouse buttons from pressure on touchscreen, now I'm working on all kinds of touchscreen filtering (will be finished soon) and so...). Some eyecandy like changing console screen by moving to the edge of current one. And very clean and readable code.

Okay that's all where to get it? The pre alpha version can be downloaded from link on my blog, but it's not finished yet so beware of bugs. Link to the final version will be available here hopefully by the end of this weekend.

Status: |=========-| 90%


Scooper is an library for reading data from oscilloscopes connected to the computer. So far Vellemans pps10 is nearly supported and it seems that it uses similar protocol to the hps40 (hps40 has some more functions but generally it should work). Main goal for this library is to parse pps10 binary protocol and provide efficient and clean interface in C programming language. So far so good one small problem is that this scope has quite incorrect serial connection implemented, so it doesn't work on most of the PC i have and with usb<->serial cables (and their engineers just claim that serial ports on PC and usb cables have incorrect implementation) for more see my blog post (Look for Velleman pocket oscilloscope). So hacking their serial cable to get it work is needed. For some hints how to fix it see Hardware -> pps page on this site.

Status: |=======---| 70%


AVR-lib is small library of mine not to write write the same code on the different places, so far it supports busy loops and standart text display, support for integrated serial port initalization and SD/MMC card in spi mode is on the way. TODO: links to the sources here.


Graveyard for dead projects


Simple space simulation

School project. Simple space simulation is physical realtime simulation of balls in 2D (3D is planned) space. It's client/server application allowing show output on multiple screens. Sources on sourceforge Simple space simulation.


Struggle is GPL rastafari adventure game. The work is a bit stopped now and I hope that we will do some work this hollidays.