sl-c3200 aka Spitz

I bought this nice tool to have at least one working pda ( I currently have a lot pdas with broken sw ) but this doesn't turned out well. At least I've managed to get it working but it wasn't easy so I'm leaving some notes.



The instruction on Angstrom site are quite messy. So here are steps I've done:
  • repartition HDD
    • Create swap partition aprox. 128MB
    • Rest of the disk is root partition
      Make sure that root partition is primary number 1. So that you should first create root partition.
  • Flash!
    • Download pack from mirror and unpack it into empty vfat formatted cf or sd card.
    • Reboot into firmware and enjoy nice japanese menu.
  • Boot into new system, don't forget to mkswap and add swap to /etc/fstab
  • Setup network, use usbhost cable, on host masine insert modules usbnet, cdc_ether, zaurus ifconfig usb0, on zaurus add nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf Now it shoudl work, if not check for route table and ip address on zaurus.
  • Update system ipkg update, ipkg upgrade *
* this may update your kernel modules and wipes out the old ones, so that you need to reflash new kernel to be able to use any kernel modules currently not inseted ito kernel.


You can track current progress on my blog, so far I've managed to run debian on this beast and wrote gpim to be able to use mouse on console with touchscreen and small daemon to control backlight from keyboard.