Bitmap fonts

For me good bitmap monospace font is just a matter of must because it lets me to write code in more efficient way.

Haxor Medium 12

Just because there wasn't any good font (that would look good on display of my new eee) I've managed to create one, it's kind of the classics bitmap font but this one has correct iso8859-2 characters even for d and t with caron where prefered typesetting is apostrophe and very clean look. You can download not finished (some iso8859-2 characters are missing and some are wrong) here.

Second and cleaned version here.

How to use this font with xterm

  • Convert to X pcf binary format "bdftopcm HaxorMedium-12.bdf -o HaxorMedium-12.pcf"
  • Create directory in /usr/share/fonts/ and copy pcf font there.
  • Create file fonts.dir in previously created directory and insert number of lines on first line (in our case 1) and FileName of the font space and FontName on second line.
    For example:
      HaxorMedium-12.pcf -haxor-medium-12
  • Use xset +fp /usr/share/fonts/your_directory to rehash X-server font database.
    You can add this setting pernamently into /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
  • Now start xterm -fn -haxor-medium-12 and it should use this font.

Notes on font editing

On linux there are two usefull programs (may not so usefull but there are no others)
  • gbdfed (or xbdfed) is bitmap bdf editor, happily bdf is text file so most of the work can be done with simple sed or bash scripts.
  • fontforge can edit any kind of font you need, shows unicode definition of character and is generally more friendly, but its settings are more complicated.