Rattulla was initiated by a friend of mine. Main goal of this is to have open source, full documented geek pda.

Good news everyone! We started again with voipac pxa270 module.



Pxa270 DIMM modul. Pxa270 base board.



Compile kernel

  • Download chaintool from voipac pages
  • Download linux-2.6.24-3 source from kernel.org
  • Download voipac patches for 2.6.24-2
  • Unpack and patch kernel sources (use tar xzf archive and patch -p0 < patch, ignore error in Makefile)
  • Copy vpac270_defconfig .config
  • Edit Makefile and set CROSSCOMPILE=/your/local/path/to/decompressed/toolchain/.../bin/arm-linux-
  • Edit .config line CONFIG_CMDLINE= add root=/dev/mtdblock2 rw rootfstype=jffs2 if you want to boot with root on flash
  • Make kernel! type make -j(number_of_cpu+1)

Boot over tftp

  • Install tftp on your workstation (on openSuSE zypper in tftp yast2-tftp)
  • Configure tftp directory and run daemon (on openSuSE as root yast2 tftp)
  • Copy arch/arm/boot/zImage to tftp directory
  • Connect serial cable (null modem) and run minicom on serial port on 38400 8N1
  • Connect ethernet and set network address on workstation
  • Reset voipac and press enter in minicom to enter the bootloader
  • type tftpboot zImage
  • type go