Don't forget to have a fun!

You can find here some things I've created, most of them are GPL sources or howtos. In section Projects are my current project, if you are about to help write me mail ;).



deprecated email: metan (at) seznam.(z
new email: metan )at( ucw.(z
ICQ: 299916464 *
jabber: metan (at) njs.netlab.(z

* because of ICQ eula I preffer to use jabber and I stop using ICQ soon



My page at openSUSE wiki.
My profile at deviantart watashi-metan.
My blog at livejournal.
My pcb footprint generator at gedasymbols
Libevfilter git repository on kernel.org


Online comics I like:

Megatokyo Updated AFAIK not regulary.
Questionable content  Updated from Monday to Friday.
Free fall Updated on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Punch an pie Updated daily.
Updated every Friday.
xkcd Updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
candi ???
The Perry Bible Fellowship Very slow link, at least from czech rep.
Not regulary.
sorcery 101