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Welcome on evfilter library pages!


Evfilter is userspace library for filtering/modifying input events from linux kernel input layer. Hopefuly it will soon provide system wide standartized interface for configuration and callibration for all input devices.


It's distributed under GPLv2 or at your opinion any later.


To checkout latest development version do:
 git clone git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/libs/libevfilter/libevfilter.git
To see the the repository on kernel.org click at: evfilter.git

There are no releases yet. Stay tuned.


Evfilter library was created by Cyril (metan) Hrubis.

You can reach me by mail at metan(at)ucw.cz or via jabber at metan(at)njs.netlab.cz.


20-07-09 This webpage has been created.
20-08-09 Git repository on kernel.org was created.


copyright © metan 2009