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This is the page for users of KTTV. If you are a programmer, you might be interested in the following:

KTTV developer page
source code, design documentation ...
KTTV project process page
It is actually a part of the curriculum at MFF UK. Our supervisors might want to see this page. Team meeting notes (See the exciting and dramatic history!). Progress report. Mostly in Czech.


We were tired of having to reboot from Linux to MS Windows to be able to read lecture notes which were mostly done in MS Powerpoint.

So we decided to write a freely available software for creating lecture presentations. No animations, fancy backgrounds or other business-like hype. A typical document would consist of slides that are shown during a lecture and supplementary text which is useful for reminding the lecturer and for home study.

For an example, see Unix & C by Jan Pavelka. (better link wanted)

Notice that the example referenced above is many megabytes large and if you do not have the right (sic!) software, you have no chance of reading it. So another important point of KTTV is that its file format is derived from HTML. The files are therefore small and even a cat can read them.

We work mainly in X Windows in Linux so that is also the main (and so far the only) operating environment for KTTV. But we recognize that users of other operating systems may benefit from KTTV and so we wrote it using a portable toolkit, wxWindows. Who knows, some day someone may even port it!

Get it

On RedHat Linux 6.1, Intel platform, use the following binary RPMs

If you want to look at the source code, use the following CVS snapshot.

For active development, you would need access to the CVS repository. The following files are useful for the developers. (Note: At this time, we use a rather old version of the libraries. We had to build custom RPMs of wxWindows that work on RedHat 6.1 with both GTK+ 1.0.6 and GTK+ 1.2.x installed.)


See the KTTV developer page for lots of more docs. But it is quite technical.

KTTV homepage KTTV developer page KTTV project process page

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