Welcome to webpage of Jiri Klimes. This site is a bit outdated, you can find my new webpage here

You can have a look on my science videos or read about the research I've been doing. I'm interested in development of methods and programmes for computer simulations of important industrial and natural processes. Our goal is to model these accurately, which is not easy.

I also like photography (nature, landscape; no people:) and I have quite some collection here in the photo section.

There are some useful tips in the Coding section for making life easier when working on compute clusters and processing images for publications. I like to play with POV-Ray, I have used this programme to make some of the fancy images in the Science part and in our publications. I also used POV-Ray to make the video of ice cube melting, this took only a week to make and has over 30000 hits on YouTube. It's is based on real molecular-dynamics simulation of water done with GROMACS and it was made for the presentation of the ICE group at the Royal Society Science exhibition.

My CV can be found here.