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Herby's interactive very basic CSS tool - try, tune, copy to clipboard(click here)

This page was created in times of HTML 3.2, where it only served as an interactive interface to BODY tag attributes. When there came the time of HTML 4.0 and style sheets, all these informations moved to appropriate (CSS) style sheet (though HTML 4.0 does not say which style sheet language to use, only CSS has both the W3C blessing and (thanx to those wonderful Netscape guys only partial) worldwide support). So I added more things and now you can try and see how the page will look using various colours, backgroung images (full Texture land offered), fonts, sizes, alignings; you can also customize HR horizonal rule attributes. It's nothing revolutionary, but I myself find it very useful for making a core of new style in a try-and-see-how-it-looks interactive way.

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