All following phots were taken by me. I was taking them with a Beirette half-automatic camera, focal length 42mm, lens speed f/2.8.

Used film materials were Kodak Gold and Fuji Superia. Paper, on which a fotolab copied the images, was Kodak. The images were scanned from the paper. You might see the photos abolutely ugly beause of some gamma correction inability in your X Server or browser.

The River Vltava from Farky, Prague

The River Vltava from sighting point at Farky.

The River Vltava from Troja, Prague

The River Vltava from Troja pedestrian bridge, Prague.

The River Vltava from Klecany

The River Vltava from Klecany. Klecany are a village couple kilometers northward from Prague.


The Baba Ruin in Dejvice, Prague.

Cimice Valley

The end of Cimice Valley, Prague.

Cliff in Swiss Alps

A cliff somewhere up in the Swiss Alps.

Clouds above Prague

Clouds above Prague.

Clouds above Cimice Valley

Clouds above Cimice Valley, Prague.

Sunset above Bohnice, Prague

Sun setting above Bohnice, Prague.

Sunset clouds above Bohnice, Prague

Sunlit clouds during sunset above Bohnice in Prague.

Lake in Swiss Alps

Lake in Swiss alps.

The Church of St. Matthew

St. Matthew's Church at the verge of Sarka Valley, Prague.

A mist above Vltava at Klecany

A mist above Vltava at Klecany, a village several kilometers northwards from Prague.

Night in Cimice

Night in Cimice, Prague.

Central Prague

Central Prague viewed from a construction site at Velka Skala.


A rainbow above Cimice, Prague.


A road on one of the Swiss Alps' passes


A sunset taken from Cimice, Prague

Sunset throught threes

A sunset taken through trees looming above Bohnice, Prague

Pyromaniacal frenzy of our fellow citizens on New Year's Eve 1999->2000

Panel houses at Bohnice and fireworks people were firing on New Year's Eve 1999->2000.

The sun in a wood.

The sun shining into the objective in a wood.

The Konopiste Chateau.

The Konopiste Chateau.

A Field

A colza field in front of Cimice Wood.

The Chabry Menhir

A Menhir in Chabry, Prague that allegedly comes somewhere from Stirka or Velka Skala.

Animals from Konopiste

Prepared animals as hunter's trophies on Konopiste Chateau, which were forbidden to be photographed, but the lady told it to me too late.

A Tree

Sight of Cimice Valley, Prague, through a tree, behind which the sun sets.

Three trees

Thress trees at the very beginning of the Cimice Valley, Prague.

Last change 20th June 2000