[OpenGL language bindings for Guile]

GuileGL allows you to access OpenGL function calls from Scheme language interpreter - Guile (Gnu Ubiquitous Intelligent Language Extension).

(gl-clear-color 0 0 0 1)
(gl-clear '(color-buffer))
(gl-color3d 1.0 1.0 1.0)
(gl-begin 'triangles)
  (gl-vertex2i 10 10)
  (gl-vertex2i 10 90)
  (gl-vertex2i 90 90)

GuileGL could be great advantage for OpenGL applications (like 3d modellers or games) with embedded scripting language (Guile). Users could easily customise such application or enhance it with new features without need to recompile application.

Because of its interpreted nature, Guile and GuileGL can also save you usual and infinite "write, compile & try" cycle.


Dec 2 1999 If you have some problems with compiling guileGL 0.1.1, please try new bug fix pre - release from guileGL ftp
Dec 1 1999 New version - guileGL 0.1.1. There is a lot of new code - bindings for GLU 1.2 tesselators, select and feedback buffer. There is also new module - simple-gl-window module, which simplifies writing of short OpenGL demos and examples.
Oct 12 1999 I created this site and released first alpha version for guile-gtk mailing list.


Bindings Status
GL Done: Almost all GL-1.0 functions.

ToDo: Finish GL-1.0 bindings (especialy functions with params with unusual behaviour). Bind all GL-1.1 and GL-1.2 functions and various EXT, SGIS, ARB and MESA extensions.
GLU Done: function gluPerspective with family, Quadrics (except callback), Polygon tesselation

ToDo: NURBS, Build*Mipmaps
GtkGLArea Finished :)
GLUT ): Not yet started :(
Documentation Help !!!


To run GuileGL you need Guile installed and of course OpenGL library or at least Mesa3D library. Because for now GuileGL supports only GtkGLArea as "OpenGL widget", it also requires Gtk+, GtkGLArea and Gtk+ language bindings - GuileGtk.

GuileGL ftp site
Sources of guileGL-0.1.1
Older version of guileGL
guile-gtk To successfully compile guileGL you will need latest guile-gtk CVS sources. Guile-gtk resides in Gnome CVS - you should login to anoncvs and check out module gnome-guile.

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