[All we are saying - is give pie a chance]

You may ask whether there is any reason for those strangely shaped menus with exotic control. Are pie menus yet another step in direction of unstandardised applications with behaviour no one knows how to use?

In my point of view, pie menu is alternative to usual layout of menus, alternative which should be standardised in near future. Why? - because they are faster, faster in everyday work with your mouse. When you pop up old-style menu, you have always to synchronise your eyes with mouse pointer and menu items and this cost time and your attention.

But when you know your way through pie menu everything is a little bit simpler - just few quick mouse motions - (for example "left", "up") and since directions (not position) of these motions are important you do not lose you time while trying to put your mouse pointer over right menu item.

screenshot Pie menu in action.
screenshot Same menu but in old layout.
screenshot Yet another example of pie menu. This pie menu is a little bit irregular - it has some menu items inactive and some directions are not correct.


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