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This directory contains documentation for the system: 
o guide.sgml is the SGML source for the Linuxdoc-SGML User's Guide
o guide.txt is formatted plain ASCII
o guide.dvi is dvi
o is gzipped PostScript
o is in texinfo format
o html/ contains the HTML version

You should read one of the formatted versions first - it explains how to 
install the software and how to write and format documents using the system.

Also, there's example.sgml, which is a simple SGML example. You should
format this example (instructions for doing so in the User's Guide) and 
print it out, along with the source, and use it as a model for writing
your own SGML docs. You can also grab the SGML sources for the Linux HOWTOs 
from These 
documents together will give you a good start on using the system.

As an added bonus, there is also from the
October 1995 issue of the Linux Journal.  It covers linuxdoc-sgml version
1.2, but it still may be useful to you.