Papers from the Linux seminary (in English)

  1. Martin Vojacek: DOSEMU - run your DOS/Windows applications right under Linux
  2. Pavel Rosicky: Serial communication, SLIP, PPP - how to build a network over null-modem cable, how to configure it, etc.
  3. Petr Mitosinka: Can Linux be user friendly ? - Gram's commander, GNU interactive tools, midnight commander
  4. Jakub Jelinek: SGML and Linux doc-sgml
  5. Ondrej Velek: Objective C - an interesting language for Object oriented programming
  6. Jakub Maxa: xwpe - a Borland like IDE for programmers
  7. Jan Stoklasa: GNU Chess and GNU Board - do you like chess and Linux? So do it all and now
  8. Pavel Rosicky: smalltalk - introdution to the Smalltalki programming language
  9. Jakub Jelinek: Sparc Linux - current status of development
  10. Jakub Jelinek: Modules - a way how to dynamically expand the kernel
  11. Jakub Jelinek: UltraPenguin - 64bit Linux for UltraSPARC machines
  12. Jiri Klouda: SSH - how to make secure connections over network
  13. Pavel Machek: Virtual File System PODFUK
  14. Jakub Jelinek: Hacking the Linux kernel
  15. Michael Polak: WWW Browser Arachne for Linux
  16. Michal Vancura: page description language PostScript
Note: All other papers from the Linux seminar are written in Czech. They are available here.

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