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The Vrr Project Documentation

The goal of the Vrr project is to create a vector image editor designed especially (but not only) for making illustrations of mathematical articles. The following is a description of what we plan to do:

It will run on Linux and use a graphical interface based on the X Window System and GTK. We suppose a user willing to spend some time by learning how to use it, which will bring him much joy later when using some powerful but non-intuitive features. Therefore, our editor should not be 'for everyone' but an advanced tool for advanced users.

Rather than having many great faeatures for creating modern art, the editor has a simple but powerful operation set: creating, manipulating and transforming basic graphical primitives, which are points, segments, rational Bezier curves etc. The objects can be determined not only by absolute coordinates, but by geometrical dependancies on other objets (intersections etc.) as well. When an object changes, dependant objects are recalculated automatically.

The editor can be also easily extended by a plugin or by a program written in it's inbuilt scripting language.

The editor should be compatible with existing drawing and typesetting programs, able to import end export common data formats (mainly SVG, export to PDF and EPS). Images can be used in TeX documents; on the other hand, TeX output may be a part of the image itself. The final result should be usable in books or articles.

Some other features are, for example, working with object libraries or creation of slides.

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