Rules in English

Do not violate copyrights

Do not store and share any illegal software, music, movies or any other illegal stuff. Several complaints came about people sharing illegal software and movies on the LAB server. The culprit will be punished (account ban). Avoid therefore certainly unpleasant punishment and not to infringe copyright. Follow the Dean’s directives.

One of the most important rules is the order of Dean and the order of laboratory. You have to follow these rules.


Lab is primarily for the study. Hence the legitimacy of various students sit at the computer. The priorities are as follows :

0. Courses, teaching

1. Work at the bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral thesis, credits

2. Searching of relevant information (for study) on the Web

3. Reading mail, browsing the Internet

4. Games, chat, entertainment

You can simply ask someone to leave the computer, if you want to work . If you are concern, the service will help you. If there are any problems with someone (She/he works with lower priority and will not want to leave ), she/he will be punished.

Installing anything on local disks is prohibited. Exception is a computer dedicated for the service. Playing games over the Internet is allowed, but you are under the risk that someone (who needs to work) ask you to leave the computer. The laboratory is primarily intended for school matters, then up for entertainment. If you do not like it, there are other laboratories at MFF UK.


Users are forbidden to interfere with the teacher in teaching! When there is a sign on the door that indicate the current teaching, is forbidden to interfere with teaching. Do not disturb other users.

Do not disturb other people

Do not disturb other people in the lab at work. So turn off your mobile phone, or at least turn down / turn on the vibrating rings. Likewise, if you want to talk, do it outside in the corridor, so that others can work calm…

Do not overload the server

Server Artax is for all. If you need to perform complex calculations, download bulky things or anything like that, take advantage of others constantly running Linux machines (Engywook, Auryn, Lomikel). In general, try to log on other machines rather than Artax which carries the main load of the lab.

Additional rules

Users are required to know the contents of bulletin boards, websites and follow them. Ignorance is no excuse.

The user is required to use network account and password. Only in exceptional cases service is enable to use local account. Violation of this regulation may result in account suspension for several weeks.

Eating in the laboratory is prohibited! You can drink, but use only closed bottles, which can be tightly sealed to prevent spillage and damage computer equipment. Coffee in the cup is prohibited. The laboratory is not a dining room! In case of violation this rule, you can be banned from the laboratory service and your account will be blocked.

Is strictly prohibited to change the contents of system and software disks C:\, in addition to the directory C:\Temp. It is prohibited to leave data type games, mp3, videos on local drives.

Users are prohibited to use own hardware in a computer network of the laboratory. Exceptions are USB storage devices. Connecting laptops (notebooks, with the exception of registered services) is allowed, but for network connection users have to use the eduroam network.

Lab does not guarantee the preservation of user data and shall not be liable for any complications caused by their loss. Although the data is backed up, but it is highly recommended you data transfer times (backup) elsewhere.

During his stay in the lab, the user is obliged to behave so as not to damage the installed computer equipment or other laboratory equipment. Any defects found must immediately notify the service.

The user is obliged to observe the guidelines and lab manager services.

It’s prohibited to consume any food or drinks in the lab. Only exception are drinks in pet bottles that can be safely closed.

User acknowledges that any failure to comply with these rules may lead to prevention of access to the lab and the server, or to access other laboratories and to other servers faculty. In extreme situations, it may even disciplinary procedure or expulsion from school.

In well justified cases, the lab administrator can grant exemption from these rules.